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We carry everything from  starter kits to screen touch mods. 


  from battery cases, Spinners, cotton, battery charger, and coils

Leading Benefits that Vaping has over Traditional Cigarettes.

              #1 – Vaping does NOT have the smoke Odor. 
Anyone who breaths knows – cigarettes smell! The smell from cigarette smoke sticks to just about anything it comes in contact with – hair, clothes, – anything.  Vaping on the other hand doesn't have a ominous odor because you are not exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost instantly.

#2 – Vaping is MUCH cheaper than cigarettes

 Today, one good quality pack of cigarettes will cost you $11 to $16 (maybe more). While some of the start costs of a starter kit may be a little bit higher, the month-to-month cost of vaping is typically about half of traditional cigarettes.

   #3 – Your Health 
We can’t legally claim that vaping is healthier, we can point out how traditional cigarettes are harmful to your health. There are countless studies out there showing how smoking cigarettes can put you at a higher risk including (but not limited to) – stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer,  and countless others. Traditional cigarettes contain many chemicals as well, many of which are considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing.

Tobacco is the world’s leading cause of preventable death, accounting for around 6 million deaths yearly. That’s due to the cocktail of over 5,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, of which at least 70 may cause cancer.


E-cigarettes, on the other hand, do not contain tobacco. Instead, they carry a nicotine-containing liquid which is heated into a vapor. The nicotine satisfies the cravings associated with a smoking addiction, but not the health problems that it may carry.